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How to Mount M4 Grip to CYMA EBR M14

Hi Everyone,

My son has been getting into airsoft a lot lately and wanted to pick up a "project" gun to fix it up and learn more about how they work. He bought a CYMA EBR M14 that needed a bit of work, and so far we've got it mostly fixed up.

It was missing the grip, however, which should be easy enough to fix, although we're actually scratching our heads a bit on this part. He picked up a new M4 grip for it, but we didn't realize the mounting bracket on the gun is completely missing as well. Either I don't know what to call it, or it's a hard to find part, because we can't seem to find anything to connect this grip (or any grip for that matter) to the gun. The screw holes all seem intact, though.

I figure it's going to look like something on this video 50 seconds in, but this gun doesn't house the motor in the grip:

Any thoughts here? Are we going to have to get a mounting bracket machined? Appreciate any help you can give, thanks.
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