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New thingies at Airsoft Innovations!

Not exactly earth shaking products, but I'm finally getting back into the swing of things and launching new goodies.

The first product is a bushing press to help the AEG mechanic press bushings and ball bearings into their mechboxes squarely. It might even be the only press available to safely press ball bearings as this press only loads the outer race. It's design prevents the installer from hammering the inside race when forcing the outer race into the gearbox. The design of this press assures perpendicular alignment in gearbox sides.

The second doohickey is a simple little motorplate which press fits into the tail end of most AEG motors (TM, ICS, CA, GG). Once installed, it doesn't fall off like the flat motorplates typical in airsoft. You can also pack grease into the end bell before installing the motor plate to keep the bushing lubricated.
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