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Dozer_01 May 4th, 2006 20:22

G&G GR16 disassembly
I just picked one up. Anyway, i've taken apart other armalite with zero problems, however this G&G is odd. How do i take out the mag release? It cant be a pin because i already smacked the shit out of it.

Stupid question but i am just wondering. Maybe my mag release is factory FUBAR?

Thanks for any help

Dirty Deeds May 4th, 2006 20:48

I was just looking at my G&G GR300, the mag release looks like you have to push it as far in as you can (as if releasing a mag) and unscrew the catch part.

In other words it looks as though the "button" screws onto the shaft of the "catch".

Bloody wierd if you ask me.

Dozer_01 May 4th, 2006 21:01

Yeah eh? I got it...kinda odd, lol.

Dr_Love May 4th, 2006 21:36

I have an R5 and that part got me screwed up too. Thiers a small pin over top of the trigger in the lower reciever. Its the only one youll be able to get out without busting your punch into a million peices. The mag release actually came out with a very small allen wrench in the middle of the catch button. Try that hopefully it works for ya.

Dirty Deeds May 4th, 2006 21:38

Two totally different mag release styles, this type has absolutly no screws.

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