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inoaboaid March 27th, 2021 21:37

Questions regarding KJW M700 CO2 reg
Hello there,

I?m a bit late to the game of co2 reg and am in search of info / tips on getting a Co2 regulator set up for my KJW M700 Takedown (yea its the td version i know 😅 had to stick to it due to no more can be found from Canadian retailer).

I did some research and watched many YT vids, so im currently looking at some products on Ebay.

Would these 2 items be enough to complete my co2 set up? Or do need more accessories? Reason i need the Palmer set is that i lack the tech know how and tools to tap.

I?ll attach a few pic / vidto show what i?m looking for. Thank you all in advance for help.


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