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TM P226 upgrades - stock frame


Upgrades & Modifications

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Old February 16th, 2015, 14:55   #16
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Originally Posted by beta678 View Post
Out of curiosity, would most of the recommendations for the TM P226 in this thread apply to the KJW P226 as well?

I picked up a KJW P226 on an impulse buy recently (sorta weird as I only really like M&P's). Read through a couple of threads but I haven't really found that much solid info out there at the moment, still need to do more research.

But from what I've seen, it seems the KJW is pretty much 99% compatible w/ TM parts if I'm not mistaken... though I've been wondering if the Guarder kits for the TM are compatible with the KJW (haven't found any confirmation) as I'm not a fan of the railed frame, prefer the slick navy frame for the P226 which I'll need to source from somewhere if its compatible and I decide to keep it.
Depends on which KJW p226 you have.

Yes they are compatible but the mags aren't on some of them.
Particularly the clear soft ones don't accept Marui mags. YOu'll need to mod the hammer housing.

Also, the takedwon lever is not the same as the Marui one. I can't remember if you can a Marui version, though.

Originally Posted by Sequential View Post
First off, buying those valves aren't the greatest idea. The first thing you can do is remove the current valve inside your magazine and dremel out the area to make the outlet larger just like the ones seen in the HFV.

Start with the upgrades like a Nine Ball 6.00mm Power Inner Barrel. Then slowly work on the blowback unit. Upgrade to a light weight bbu, that will increase gas efficiency, the BBU will also be a better seal to the nozzle thus increasing a bit of FPS.

Dremmelling out that hole doesn't really do anything. All it does is create sporatic FPS outputs. If you do this, you'll need to modify the mag rubber as well. Or else you run the risk of tearing that gas rubber. ANd whe you actually do modify it, you'll create more of an "air leak" between the mag and the loading muzzle. It's an overall bad idea. What you want is a focused stream of air coming of the mag at a consistant PSI output. But I'll stop there...

This is not the part of the magazine valve you want to modify. If you want to modify it for higher output, you need to modify the other end of the stikeface. Where it actually "opens" up. Or you need to increase the high of the strikeface so that it will be pushed more openly and let more air out on the other end.

And those power barrels don't do anything. All they do is create more friction and BB residue inside the barrel. They are horrible barrels.

ANd lastly, the UAC blowback unit is a Piece of shit. The mine bent the hell out of my nozzle return spring and the actual BBU broke. So it's a huge waste of money..
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Old June 25th, 2015, 20:24   #17
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would it be advisable to upgrade the recoil spring guide also?
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Old June 26th, 2015, 18:43   #18
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What about the HK3 (or WE) version ? The steel slide full markings version of the P226 seems awfully tempting, I assume it would be usable with MAPP gas or CO2 mags.

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