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It's always buyer beware



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It's always buyer beware

Something interesting and worth sharing has been occurring over the past few days.

An overseas retailer whose name I choose not to share has decided that instead of allowing a purchase to go through Paypal (which gives the consumer protections) and is listed on the website as a clickable payment option for delivery to Canada, has decided that the only method of payment he's willing to receive is via Western Union.

As far as I understand it when Western Union is utilized it effectively sends cash like an emt with no chance of refund should a deal go sideways or the seller decides to be a thief.

Also, be aware that this is a retailer who in the past would not issue a refund until paypal rung him out like a wet towel for a $80.00 purchase that never arrived due to damage from rust.

He was honest enough about the damage but ceased all form of communications regarding the return of the cashola until I had to initiate a paypal investigation towards the purchase which included copies of correspondence and receipt information after WEEKS of communication attempts to rectify the problem. After Paypal intervened the response was immediate.

Who says a little fire under someones ass doesn't make them jump.

So buyer beware if you are faced with this type of one-sided deal that deviates from the norm.

Cash is king for face to face deals after it's inspected for cracks, faults, chrono tested and negotiated at a fair price based on conditional factors of an item.

That kind of dealing helps keeps everyone happy and honest in the community.

Paypal helps for refunds, tracking and disputes but of course doesn't help with seizures and in my opinion Western Union only used among those whom you love and trust with the sole intention of never seeing that cash again.

As a person who loves this sport I hope this saves some of you down the road from a raw deal.

CanĀ“t sleep. Clowns will eat me!

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