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18-20 AUG - Airsoft Vietnam Recondo School - Washington



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Old June 24th, 2006, 20:34   #1
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18-20 AUG - Airsoft Vietnam Recondo School - Washington

WHAT: Airsoft Recondo School - Vietnam
WHEN: 18 -20 AUG 2006
WHO: Hooah Airsoft and
COST: $65.00 Pre-paid $75 on-site
EVENT SIZE: Limited to 5 6-man Patrol Teams

Hooah Airsoft presents Airsoft Recondo School! We've taken out all the "fun" stuff from Recondo school and compacted 3 weeks into 3 days! Take out the verbal abuse, sleep deprivation and grueling PT and you are left with the best stuff! The School will be broken down into about 1/4 "classroom" time and 3/4 "field" time. The event is being run by Recondo qualified Ret. Capt. John 'REMF' Robison and special guests including several Ranger qualified instructors!

The teams will be broken down into 6-man patrol teams who will learn and drill on patroling techniques, danger zone crossing, movement to contact, re-act to ambush, and hasty ambush against an increasing number of dedicated OPFOR. Patrol teams will be linked together to create raids, rescue teams and ambush teams. Command in the teams will be rotated around so all those who desire to lead will be given an opportunity to do so.

Check in will begin Friday afternoon and classes will be conducted all day Saturday with a special "Night Operations" class in the evening. Sunday will pit the teams against each other in a Ranger-style competition, against active OPFOR.

Participants are required to wear Vietnam era US gear and kits will be available for those who need them. The OPFOR will be outfitted as NVA Regulars. There are no weapons restrictions but we ask that people try to stay as "period" as possible and bring appropriate weapons.

So, are you ready for the challenge? Sign up will begin on 6 June 2006. Get in early because spots are limited!


Redondo School Warning Order:

Location: 80 acres surrounded by 120 acres of nature preserve with Lush forests of NW near Seattle. 7 mile road net, water, ferns, moss and everything LAOS has but the snakes and humidity.

Setting: 1970 Nha Trang Recondo School

Concept of the Event: Two day small unit tactics and patrolling course with all instructors and Tac observers, Ranger or Recondo certified or both. Like the actual course it is hoped it will attract serious Mil Sim airsoft players from locally and around the country who will then serve as instructors for their units and teams and serve as a sort of train the trainer event.

This is primarily a patrolling course but secondarily a period event. Therefore strict uniform standards are highly encouraged. We have extensive loaner gear to supplement what you don't have if needed.


LRRPS LURPS LRPs RANGERS during the period wore a wide variety of uniforms. Photos to follow. Tiger stripe, OD jungle fatigues, woodland (preferably ERTL ripstop) and even duckhunter camo is acceptable. I'd like to see jungle boots or black GI issue style boots but banta booties and "Recondo" sneakers were also worn.

Aggressor / role player forces will be easily distinguished as they will be dressed in full authentic NVA uniforms with soviet weapons and VC will be accurately depicted. Wood cutters and village tribesmen will be in authentic dress as well.

Web gear should be canvas M-56 but I'll allow nylon H harnesses and web belts. No modern molle or tac vest set ups. Period correct weapons of all types are acceptable. M-16 variant Weapons if modern must have extra attachments removed. (Scopes, Tac light and lazer red dots etc.) Let's strive for period weapons if possible. 400 FPS with .20 gram is absolute top end with no sniper weapons allowed. (range is not going to be an issue in this terrain and minimum engagement range is 10 feet (Pop Pop Pop kills inside of that range. otherwise take the shot!) This incidentally is a courtesy not a requirement but must be honored if called out. Expect to get shot at close range! be appreciative if someone doesn't shoot you.

Full face masks are highly encouraged but sealed ANSI rated lenses are a must. Mouth guards encouraged if you don't have a full face mask. Camo all exposed skin (Neck hands etc.) Head gear should be period correct. Boonie hats, berets, head bands and ranger covers. No modern style ball caps. No helmets. (NVA will be in Pith/sun helmets) Every player should have a red rag kill cloth.

Sleeping quarters (Pup Tents) and or hammocks will be provided. I recommend you bring a ranger bag (Pouncho and liner) but military style sleeping bags will be okay. Camp will be period correct. The classroom is an outdoor covered shelter with period correct media and training aid props.

BBs should be .23 or higher to accomodate brush penetration. Low caps or real caps only and bio BBs requested but not required. SAWs will be allowed realistic ammo loads with supporting assistants carrying extra ammo. If you have a tracer unit bring it as tracer elements will be highly encouraged for the night operations.

Mosquito repellant and a first aid kit is highly recommended as is fog fighter for anyone with lenses. Rain gear is always a good idea in the NW even in August! bring plenty of water. Though not encouraged I will allow hydration systems such as Camel backs but prefer period correct canteens and bladders. A ruck sack or period correct pack set up is encouraged. (Loaners are available) Whistles for patrol leaders and a compass for everyone who knows how to use them.

Radios (simulated PRC 77s and 25s) will be issued. You may not use FRS GMRS except for personal safety issues and admin.

Transporatation to and from Sea Tac airport can be arranged if you're flying in timing with other players will be coordinated. Fly in Friday mid day and plan to leave on Sunday evening.

The event is limited to 5 to 8 man patrol elements with a maximum attendance of only 28 players! Sunday will be a 3 hour tactical competition requiring you apply all that was learned in a dynamic patrolling mission competition identical to one used at the 1st brigade Recondo school but with airsoft weapons instead of BB guns and much closer distances to objectives.

John Robison
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Old June 24th, 2006, 20:38   #2
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Youre preaching to the wrong crowd buddy.
Originally Posted by pugs144
Only mall ninja poseur attention-whores go around wearing full kit outside the field.
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Old June 24th, 2006, 20:47   #3
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Oh, I wouldn't say that. Quite a few ASC forum members are also members of In Country. And there could be any number of people out in southern BC interested in going to this who might see it on this site. The only tricky part would be arranging for rental guns Stateside or otherwise trying to get AEG's across the border.
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Old June 24th, 2006, 21:37   #4
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Send a message via MSN to Doc.Lavoie
Seems very interesting, but bringing the AEGs is still
"tricky" like GovernmentGrant said earlier...
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Old June 24th, 2006, 22:21   #5
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It would be worthwhile to buy a Marui M16VN Stateside for $200 and ditch it when the course is done.

Take your own mags and stuff though.
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Old June 25th, 2006, 00:54   #6
Join Date: Jun 2006
Location: Tacoma, WA
We rent AEGS and have been contacted by several groups in Canada about coming to our events and renting guns, that's why were are posting here. Here is our rental list:
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Old June 27th, 2006, 15:55   #7
Primo Italiano
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Washington for me is in other side of world =(

I hope to see beautiful photo about this event

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Old September 3rd, 2006, 15:58   #8
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Location: Tacoma, WA
Thanks to Kurt Howard we have a great series of photos from Saturday night and Sunday. There are over 700 photos so we have made a gallery, you can view them here:

A couple of my favs:

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Old September 3rd, 2006, 19:11   #9
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Looks like it was an awsome weekend! :grin: If there's another one next year I'll be there for sur as my VN impression begins to build up well!
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Old September 11th, 2006, 14:35   #10
Primo Italiano
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great........ now i'm waiting part 2, part 3...........

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