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KJW M4 buffer


Accessories Discussion

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Old August 9th, 2011, 02:15   #1
Join Date: Aug 2011
KJW M4 buffer

Hello guys,

I am sort of confused as to what to use for an upgraded stock on my KJW M4.

I tried what I think was the commercial Magpul CTR stock and it was even more wobbly than the original stock.

I would die for that crisp sound of the stock on the real M4 with no wobble, so I am wondering if you guys had any suggestions on what I could use for a new stock with minimal wobble?

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Old August 9th, 2011, 16:43   #2
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For AR15s/M4s/M16s, there are two different stocks dimensions, commercial v. milspec, the outer diameter is greater on the commercial stocks, get a milspec and you should be good to go. You can use a commercial stock on a milspec buffer tube, but will have some play, as you experienced with your commercial CTR wobbling on your KJW M4 buffer tube, but you can't use a milspec stock on a commercial buffer tube. In your particular instance, you most likely have a buffer tube with milspec dimensions, and therefore need a milspec stock. Most stocks for airsoft are based on milspec dimensions, except for ICS which seams to use a commercial stock, but I can't confirm with airsoft replicas, because tolerances and quality assurances can be a hit or miss sometimes.

So in short, find a milspec CTR stock, the CTR's with the friction lock is the only telescopic stock I know of, that doesn't replace the standard buffer tube, that is rock solid.

If you're willing to replace the buffer tube, two other rock solid telescopic stocks that come to mind - that would have little to no play at all would be:

Magpul M93 or Falcon Industries F93

Magpul UBR
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Old August 9th, 2011, 22:49   #3
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I do have the same problem on my KJW FULL METAL M4, But is the tread size the same on KJW buffer tube than a real steel one ( 1 3/16 X 16 UN ) ?

I removed the inner buffer tube from mine and the tread seem thinner that regular buffer tube so I wonder if that would fit without re-treading the receiver ??

can anyone help on this ?
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Old August 10th, 2011, 00:56   #4
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Thanks for the help! I measured my buffer tube and it measures in at 1.10 inches, so its about .04 off of milspec, but that shouldnt mean to much of a problem right?

If I bought the CTR with the friction lock (milspec) do you think that .04 of an inch would cause alot of wobble?
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