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face booty man
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I guess I better put up here that I have no connections to any groups of terrorists or anything like this. This is souly for the purpose of an impression. No different from those who wear a Waffen SS uniform. It will only be worn at a themed event.

Taliban Regular

Uniform and Gear
(I don’t know the real names of this clothing, so I just copied what the store said they were)

Salwar Kameez (includes top and bottom) I asked for grey…
“Men’s Vest” in Olive
Traditional Wool Pakol in Nutmeg
Black & White Shemagh
Russian Lifchik(a)
Chinese drum mag pouch
“Hush puppy” dress shoes

Mut RPK (TM based) Many thanks to Amos!
G&G RK47
Mag brand electric wind drum mag
3 TM metal AK47 mags (can squeeze additional 3 in lifchik but very tight)

Where can I get it all?

The clothing I bought from which is based out of the states. The prices I find are fairly cheap when compared to other stores of the same nature. This is by FAR my cheapest loadout. It is very simple and what not, but this is as best of a Taliban look I could find on the net. I feel that it is fairly accurate.

My dealings with were alright. Their communication sucks. I sent two e-mails asking when they were expecting different sizes for the Salwar Kameez, they never got back to me on that. After 3 weeks of waiting for my order, I then sent an e-mail asking if they had shipped the order, and if I could get a tracking number. Their response is as follows:

As-salaamu Alaykum,

Your order was completed and shipped. Insha Allah, it should arrive within 7-10 days at most.

If you have any other questions please ask!

Thank you for shopping with us and Jazak Allah Khair!

I got a laugh out of it at the least. The response was on March 27th, I received my stuff on April 2nd. I placed my order on March 5th. The shipping time was fair to say the least, however the lack of communication got to me. So, you can at least order with confidence that you’ll receive it, however, good luck having questions answered.

The Lifchik and Chinese drum pouch were traded for on from a guy named NORSEMAN. He shipped them fast, so I don’t really got anything else to say about that transaction. I haven’t tried to source a location for easy access to Lifchiks or drum mag pouch. I’m sure ebay will turn up something. Otherwise, Lifchiks come up every now and then at Sign up on the forums and give a look.

Shemagh I bought from When I compared mine to one that Amos has, it was a lot smaller, and the material thinner. So oh well on that part. It still gets the job done however.

As for the footwear, they were just dress shoes I had that were collecting dust. They look well enough to work.

The RPK is just a bunch of parts thrown together, however its solid and the metal and wood in it are good quality. Amos did all the work on it. It was first purchased as an ak47 from StealthOmega last year. I can’t really recall off hand all the externals that are on it.

The G&G RK47 was bought from Amos. Its actually a really neat AEG. It has a bolt and spring, all the goodies inside, so with that, it can’t use a stick battery under the dust cover. But its awesome to take down. The wood finish on it…looks like crap. I would really like to re-stain it a more red colour. It kind of looks like cardboard right now.

Drum mag was bought from I haven’t used it yet, but I don’t think its going to be my style. I hate highcaps with a passion. I may just stick to the 140 round RPK mag’s.

TM AK mags. I can’t put a price on them as I got 9 when I bought the AK47 from StealthOmega. I think used on ASC they go for about $15.00 - $20.00 each.

Area’s of improvement

Well, this is basically as good as this loadout is going to get. I’m going to have to figure out some place for a canteen of water. I might look into an old styled back pack to carry the various things one might need at a game. I haven’t put much thought into it really passed this, as this loadout will be manly for themed games where insurgents/Taliban are involved.

What did it all cost?

Uniform and Gear
Salwar Kameez = $35.00
Men’s Vest = $30.00
Pakol = $25.00
Shemagh = $15.00
Russian Lifchik(a) = $90.00
Chinese drum mag pouch = $15.00
Total = $210.00 (please note that this is for using BOTH the RPK and AK47, not everything is needed)


RPK = I honestly can’t remember… too much though.
G&G RK47 = $530.00
Drum Mag = $115.00
TM mags = $15.00 - $20.00 each.
Total = LOTS

So, like I said earlier, it’s a fairly cheap loadout. The good thing about this, especially if you already use an AK variant (my Russian loadout), is that you can use the AK with other loadouts, like something that is more of a main one. I have a feeling that this impression is going to REALLY suck during the “bug” season. The material is thin, and it doesn’t secure closely around the ankle. However, with that, I’ll also be very cool out on the field. I was actually kind of cold while wearing this in the basement.

And now. For some goofy pictures. Could have done better, but there was only me here.


Gear Porn


Allah Akbar!

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Old April 3rd, 2009, 07:54   #2
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Nice work! Looks really good dude!
Founder of Capital Airsoft in Edmonton

Out of the Game 04/22/16
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Old April 3rd, 2009, 10:42   #3
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Looks great! Need to big up the beard though
Is the "pakol" the wool hat? My dad brought a few back from Afghanistan but couldn't remember what they were called.
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Old April 3rd, 2009, 10:53   #4
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and just for the extra touch
"Wars come and go, but my soldiers stay eternel" -2Pac

Originally Posted by Harbinger of Darkness View Post
No, but the pope was phone.
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Old April 3rd, 2009, 16:33   #5
face booty man
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Yes to the Pakol being the wool hat, and wow to the tanning bed. If I were to go that far, I think i'd be better off losing 60 pounds first! haha
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