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Cansoft G&G PMP5 Blowback Disassembly


How To

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Old November 21st, 2011, 00:24   #1
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Cansoft G&G PMP5 Blowback Disassembly

First of all, I looked all over Google for a disassembly video of this airsoft gun, but was unable to, so I ended up figuring things out by myself. I figured I might as well disseminate what I've learned =)

If you have any questions/suggestions feel free to reply. If I'm doing anything wrong tell me right away so I can fix this "how-to"!

I got this gun from

So this guide is to show how to take apart everything until we have just the upper receiver minus the internals so you can paint it or whatever. Also, I need to note that there have been some modifications made to this gun (I don't know if it is on's part or on the manufacturer's part) that make me unable to take it apart fully. I'll explain what this means later on.

Alright so you'll start with this:

Start by removing all the body pins, then stripping away the parts:

Remove the flash suppressor if you have it:

Now we're going to take apart the mag release. Take out the gold retaining pin first:

Take out the mag release:

Push the mag release button until you see the allen screw:

Take out the screw and be careful because the other side of the mag release will fall out:

Take out the bit with the spring in it:

Take out the front sling mount... Pretty simple, take out the screws. Note the super glue where the mount was.... Be careful when removing it.

Now for the rear sight:

Undo the allen screw inside the upper receiver:

Like so, and don't lose the silver washer:

Then undo the remaining 2 screws and take off the rear sight:

Remove the inner barrel and hopup:

Just push the black part of the hopup out of the outer barrel:

There's your outer barrel:

Okay now for the outer barrel assembly. Undo the screw holding on to the front sling swivel (the one on the barrel):

I used a pair of pliers with cloth covering the screw to take it out:

Then pull the sling swivel out:

Unscrew the cap just under the front sight:

It's attached to a spring, just pull it out from the hole:

Screw off the front of the outer barrel:

Pull off the front sight:

Unscrew the rest of the outer barrel:

I screwed this step up before and lost the parts, so be careful and don't repeat my mistake :banghead: Use a screwdriver or allen key to poke on the retaining bit.

You should be able to push the part out of its place now:

Tilt the receiver so you can catch the part... Be careful when it's exiting the upper receiver so you don't lose the bit that I did. It's a small spring and pin, so it'd be hard to find if it flew out; if you do lose it, don't worry too much about it because it holds together fine without the retaining bits.

Now this is where I hit the stonewall. Because of super glue, I am unable to take out the cocking handle assembly. Note the super glue:

If there wasn't super glue there, I'm pretty sure if you take out the screw below, you could take out the cocking handle assembly:

So that's it for me. This is what I ended up with:

I hope this thread was of some help to you.
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