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TM M870 gas shotgun


Airsoft Guns Discussion

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TM M870 gas shotgun

I have a brand new TM m870 w/ 2 gas tanks...i have never put propane due to some reviews ive read, and i only put GG in one and 134a in the other, and the duster gas mag started leaking first, i solved the issue by changing the pins with 3mm bolts. now the other mag (some of the time) leaks but only after cocking it....? not sure what would cause it, but i would just like the thing to work consistenty since its so fun when its not acting up. Perfect weapon for one shot kills at 50-130ft. Am thinking of using .2s even since its not designed for accuracy and sends 6 out at once.

the leaky 134a mag started other night after i left it out side for 90min tops, but enough that it frosted over....when i thawed it out i noticed the bottom leak before trying anything, so i fixed it with the bolts...then when i put the other, unchanged mag in things things were fine until i gave it a pump (maybe it shouldnt be pumped too hard, or with one hand) and then heard the hissing, but it stopped after firing, but came back after the next load...? i dont think it is the gun since it fires fine with the bolted mag...although i will say that duster blows....noticably shorter shots, can tell if its fully charged, the stuff freezes the AI adapter that struggles to stay on....almost worth it to just use green gas...i think im going to stick with aegs and GBBP from now on just cause the hassel is too much...i like c02 best in my experience, but maybe i just havent had a co2 blowback damage anything yet

I know there are other threads about this gun but none about the issue im i started another.
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