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AUG CQB and gauder hop-up


Doctor's Corner

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Old February 21st, 2007, 03:08   #1
Hortons Heros
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AUG CQB and gauder hop-up

OK I have an AUG CQB kit and I have replaced the hop-up rubber twice with gaurder black since I have put the CQB kit in. Inner barrrel fits tight with the CQB kit on and doesn't allow it to play back and forth with the hop-up unit as usual. My problem is that the BBs are not holding in the rubber like they should but they are just dribbling out the end if I face the gun to the ground.

I've noticed that these black gaurder rubbers barely hold a BB even when they are out of the gun. Do black gaurder rubbers just suck or is the lack of inner barrel movement causing the nozzle to wear down the rubber really fast?

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Old April 6th, 2007, 08:27   #2
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I also have an AUG, and also use black guarder improved hop-up bucking, and also have the CQB kit. Small world

I am unsure what your talking about in regards to the play back and forth on your inner barrel as mine is solid and cannot move at all. I had some wobble on the original outter barrel which was fixed by tightening the set screw, but never the inner.

Although the rubber I'm using now is rather new, mabey 500 rounds tops gone through it, it is working flawlessly.

The only odd thing I've noticed about it; The rubber inside the barrel is visably protruding even when the hop up is set to full off.

For this reason I have never had to turn it up more then a few degrees, and usually not at all. I would imagine if it was set to 25%for instance, that I would wear it out pretty fast.
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