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Small Plate Carrier


Gear Discussion

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Old January 29th, 2019, 13:48   #1
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Small Plate Carrier

So I’ve been looking into trying a Plate Carrier for another time, give it a good chance. The past few seasons I’ve been running a UR-Tactical Easy Rig and found it amazing, mainly because I run a lot and it actually fit me. However, I am a small guy, and even the Easy Rig has the shoulders adjusted all the way to fit me. I’m about 5’10 140lbs and about a 33” chest or so. I wear SR in every combats I ever owned and they always fit me perfect. Now onto the topic.

With the PC’s I’ve owned, I never had a large budget. So I got Chinese replica PC’s like a 6094 or a JPC. They’ve always been floppy around and with the fake plates in I felt like a brick running around. I feel like it was because they were not properly sized, maybe even not fitted. However, probably because not the best quality. I’ve been looking at various plate carriers made with better quality, such as LBX 0300s, and I’ve been wanting to try a higher quality PC. So, what would you guys recommend, for PC’s that would fit my slim frame, or should I just stick with the chest Rig?

Thanks folks
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Old January 29th, 2019, 14:50   #2
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Old January 29th, 2019, 15:25   #3
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I have the LBX0300s and it is small and very adjustable. Perfect for smaller frames. However, the only downside to it is that it's molle only and cannot be adapted to clip in chest rigs. If you plan to run standard pouches it's built well and adjusts to smaller sizes
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Old January 29th, 2019, 16:28   #4
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I recommend Mayflower APC size S/M(around $200), Ferro slickster size M(around $150)or ATS Aegis PC size M(I find the plate bag is a bit smaller than MF pc. $250) just perfect for smaller framed dudes)
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Old January 29th, 2019, 16:33   #5
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I liked the BFG plateminus.
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Old January 29th, 2019, 16:37   #6
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I have a pretty small frame like you so I also have to use smaller carriers. Whats worked best for me so far is the mayflower APC size small/medium with small cummerbund, TYR tactical GPC size small with small cummerbund, Ferro Concepts slickster size medium with their elastic carry cummerbund, and the First Spear STT size medium with small cummerbund. All of those fit me great.

Of those listed above the slickster is the cheapest, but its also a very barebones carrier with no molle unless you upgrade to a molle cummerbund and rear plate bag. The APC and STT both cost around the same, however the APC has a few more features and has been one of my favourite carriers for outdoor use. The TYR GPC is on the higher end price wise, however its also discontinued now so not very easy to find.

Other options that would fit a small torso well would be the LBX 0300S or a crye JPC with either small or medium plate bags
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Old January 29th, 2019, 20:41   #7
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Originally Posted by BioRage View Post
I liked the BFG plateminus.
Wooohhh ultralight.
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Old January 29th, 2019, 20:50   #8
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Old April 17th, 2019, 16:24   #9
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Anyone running ceramic plates know where to get them?
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