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WE GBB M4 Upgrades and Mods


Upgrades & Modifications

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WE GBB M4 Upgrades and Mods

Okay so I own a WE GBB M4, all stock internally and only minor changes externally. I'm lucky enough to be able to play on a private field with the only stipulation being; must utilize gas powered weapons, no AEG's!

I have a build in mind and need some help. How easy is it to fit the new rail and which ones are compatible with my weapon? Any help regarding this will help immensely to say the least.

Okay now onto internals; we have no fps limits and the field varies from open areas to fairly dense brush so engagement distances will be sub 250' what are some of the best mods to go with straight away? I've read about npas for example. Necessary? I do not want to go the HPA route as none of us utilize such a system due to it's lack of realism. Do AEG barrels fit? What about hopups etc. Any guidance you can offer is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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leave it stock, when it stops firing properly buy an RAtech trigger group

if you have no FPS limits i wouldnt bother with an NPAS, youll be shooting low 400s and thats fine

the barrels and hopups are a bit more tricky now than before cause WE made their own hopup and barrel thats slightly different from the standard VSR10 barrel and hopup rubbers on their newer production guns

long story short is you can use VSR/hicappa type hopup rubbers in conjunction with VSR/hicapa type barrels, or OLD WE inner barrels,
new type barrel can only be used with new type hopup and vice versa, but if both are replaced by the old type it will work, though you may also then want to trim down your nozzle

you can tell most easily if your WE rifle is "new type" or old by the nozzle by the front tip, if iy has a little extension with a slope on the bottom like this, its new

if its flat like this its old

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