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this episode of: will it break if i swing it at a tree

sometimes there's a saying, "Don't believe the hype" Sometimes a polished up turd is still just a turd.

To be honest my friend, most of us in the airsoft community have been where you are right now and the frustrations are real.

My advice is use it as a learning experience, be patient and take a look at the gearbox, apply some if not all of what i've suggested and see if it works out.

patience is a virtue in both airsoft and life.

I won't send you a bill for this first session of airsoft anxiety counselling 101

Believe me, (most) things can be fixed and most things cannot. It is no different in the airsoft world and these things do need tinkering with to make a good gun a great gun or a shit gun a parts in a bucket gun. Parts in a bucket is only after you've given it a good go with applicable knowledge for the task.

The lord hates a quitter but after everything has been tried no amount of voodoo magic can resurrect certain things and cost effectiveness / availability of parts become a factor.

If you need some help let me know, i will do my best to assist ok
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