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Sorry to bump this, but I stumbled across this thread (after 7 years) and spent more than an hour going through it (and the various links in it).

Great stuff, been out of airsofting and Scandinavian camouflage collecting for nearly 7 years now, but what a good, fun read it was.

And although I'm out of the "scene", I still have all my Danish and Swedish kit, to the horror of my family members. No, I won't sell anything ;-) Still use the Cold Skills RS05 goretex as my foul weather jacket, after 7 years it's still in pristine condition. The Danish cheap stuff we bought from that fishing Finn (quite the happening for us Scando-collecting guys back in the day) also still performs perfectly, not a hint of fading or stitching falling apart. You pay for quality, it pays you back.

Have fun in collecting cool gear, guys and gals, this read sure brought back some memories. Greetings from Belgium,


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