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I support Canadian retailers. but after using a few springers, I have to say that Tokyo Marui, and Maruzen make the best spring snipers out there. Unfortunately, they aren't sold in Canada. There are importers/brokers that can bring them in legally. The cost however can be in upwards of 2x the out if country retail price. But completely worth the money. "Experienced" snipers, I.E. Guys that have owned several springers, had the time and money to upgrade them, and have played many times with them, will tend to tell you the same thing.

Most importantly get age verified, or no one can really help you out. And avoid buying brands like UTG, Well/Mauser, echo 1. Unless that's all you can afford. Also sniper rifles aren't good for your first gun, all new players that start sniper regret it. It's usually something you move into once your experienced.
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