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Originally Posted by IggysPiggy View Post
If you've ever been in a room with a flash bang going off you would never have made this thread. Are you in the market to hurt the ppl your playing airsoft with? They can be dangerous and can cause severe bodily harm as well as permanent damage in some cases.

Your one of those guys that wants a 800 lumen flashlight, just don't do it.

Also the fact your surprised they aren't legal tells me you prolly shouldn't touch one anyways, little more research on your part would tell you a great deal about why.
I've never been "flashbanged" before and I have no police or military training/experience, so I apologize for offending anyone with my comment. The little I did know about flash bang grenades is what I've seen in video games and movies, so obviously my knowledge is limited (and I'm admitting that). I was under the impression that flashbang grenades only caused a bright light which temporarily blinded people. Now that I understand their severity, and have admitted my downfalls, maybe we can move on to the latter portion of my post, in which I was asking about LED flashbang grenades.

Lets take airsoft grenades for instance, at some point someone said that would be cool if we had grenades, and after people like Iggyspiggy were finished calling him stupid, this person created a civi-legal airsoft grenade, which if used in the right context could be safe.

What I'm asking for isn't a real flashbang grenade which will rupture eardrums and cause permanent corneal damage, but an airsoft-style flashbang. That isn't too much to ask is it? If such a thing does not exist, I think you are mistaken if you think there isn't a market for one.

With flashlights and strobes being quite popular, I think an LED grenade could be effective mainly in CQB. Of course it would need to be set to start on impact, strobe maybe for 2-3 seconds and then shut off. Call me crazy, I think that sounds cool.
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