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I laugh my ass off at this this really. I played Rugby for Toronto Scottish for 7+ years and in another league prior to that.

That game DID have direct physical contact as you can imagine and I can assure you there were more than the after whistle push.

But let me tell you. How did a referee with a whistle control 30 guys? All who were ready to kill each other?

A lifetime ban. Yeeeep... It was swift and brutal. You could have spent your entire winter training for a season, and often with guys who are training to play for Canada once every FOUR years -in world cup. All gone in one bad move.

Could all 30 of us killed each other? You bet your ass. They didn't make us get on or knees and check each cleat for burrs for shits and giggles. But not one would push that button with the game stopped.

You pull that, polaroid picture of you is tossed up on the wall and you are ban-oh-rama.

I don't know where these ass hats got this concept. Especially as this is not real and we are not even coming in physical contact with each other.

But meh... I guess it happens in lots of other places.

Either way, they are toast, and all the work and effort is now wasted.

I hear Paintball is quite entertaining now.


"....Your life is ending one minute at a time..."

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