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I have found that Condor makes some Coyote TAN and Coyote BROWN stuff.

The CB stuff is exactly the same as the Blackhawk! stuff (got two B! and tow condors on my vest). Only ever found two, so that's why. It's either discontinued or really hard to get.

As for vests, I had a CIRAS MAR and RRV before (both from Condor) and they where supposed to be CB both. There was a difference in the tint, so depending on the batch, it's not exacly the same.

Now, REAL Coyote Brown stuff uses different tints on the same vest (buckles, straps, elastics etc.) I found that the smallish difference is nrealy invisible when new, and completely impossible to see once you have fielded your vest a day or two. Get some dirt on it!
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