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Originally Posted by FreelancerInc View Post
IMHO its better quality then flyye and pantac, its also cheaper and real steel so their colors will be what the real guys wear
1. No - it's generally low-end and definitely not up to par with Flyye or Pantac
2. Yes - it's (mostly) cheaper
3. No - it's not "RS". Most of their stuff is chinese-made reproduction of the big names (Eagle, LBT, etc).
4. No - "real guys" generally don't wear that. You'll occasionally see a pouch or a pack because it's cheap and available locally, but even issue stuff (cheapest supplier, often made by blind people) is generally much better than Condor.

Their clothing (fleece & softshell) is decent, but their gear is horrible.

Flyye is -as far as replica goes- pretty good, but if I were you I'd go thru the classifieds right here before... You can often find used (and often like-new) Eagle, LBT, etc... real gear for the same if not cheaper than you can buy repro. As for your main question, yes Flyye has the closest CB shade of the repro companies.

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