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These guys have laid out some great lists so there's not much to add, but I'll make a couple suggestions that can save cash.

The South African [insert camo color] vest ran me about 47$ with shipping on ebay. It's tough and has everything you need. Basic, but very functional. Don't judge quality based on price alone. I ripped a pocket off an 80$ vest in store. Unintentionally just in case there's any confusion.

Alternatively you can go to an army surplus and haggle for a decent pair of webbing. I found a really nice set for 40$. I like it so much I'm thinking of using it as my primary vest.

Gloves. Rothco makes some pretty good quality gloves. Not much in terms of protection, but then again, a little pain here and there keeps you staying sharp. We're all a little masochistic here...

Anyway, gloves ran me about 17$. I use gloves so I can be rough with my hands(not worry about what I'm grabbing, etc), not necessarily for knuckle protection. I've already taken a couple bbs to the knuckles, and while it doesn't tickle, it's not the end of the world(tough it out pussy!).

I disagree with some of Kalnaren's suggestions but his price suggestions are spot on. I cut corners as much as I could and I think I was just under 1k, but I should add my gun was almost 50% of the total.

which brings me to what all the vets are saying: don't cheap out on the gun.
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