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Normally I'd question the quality of the RHop installation, but HPA setups are notorious for being troublesome with RHop. Nozzle alignment could be the culprit, but another issue is that RHop requires a gentle nozzle loading action, as the RHop provides friction to stop the BB instead of a wall/mound as a normal hop up would. For this reason, more violent loading actions can cause inconsistency in the BB chambering location, sometimes moving past the patch and just rolling out the barrel completely.

This is notorious with poor engine designs such as Redline that use a very violent chambering action. Redline also uses nozzles that are over 1mm too long, which doesn't help its case. I'm not familiar with the P* platforms, I am only certified with Wolverine platforms. I would take the upper off and use a finger to subjectively feel how violent the loading action is and see if that could be causing problems. I would also inspect with the hop up unit and see if the nozzle protrudes too much, if it does then cutting the nozzle slightly shorter will help. A hop up rubber with thicker lips can also help slow the loading action, as can drilling a double feed prevention well at the top of the feed tube (edit: MAXX already has this).
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