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How will the battery types, motor types and different gear ratios affect the rate of fire? Example: A M60 or M16 or an AK47/74 having a true to real steel rate of fire
Batteries: The higher the voltage of a battery the higher your rate of fire will be. I.E. an 11.1V lipo will have a higher ROF than a 7.4V lipo

Gears: The lower your gear ratio the shorter your cycle time will be and the faster your ROF will be. I.E. 12:1 ratio gears will spin faster than 18:1 ratio gears

Motors: If we're talking purely rate of fire then a motor with higher RPM will give you a faster rate of fire. However, the higher the RPM of a motor, the less torque it will give you. Conversely lower RPM motors will spin slower overall but will have much higher torque. At this point there really isnt a reason to using a motor over about 35000 RPM since they hardly have any torque and the ROF's that they'd produce would be unusable.

If we're looking at trigger response on semi auto then torque is what you want in a motor, so something in the 18000-22000 RPM range. These motors will get up to their max RPM faster than a higher RPM motor will and as such you will get a faster cycle time and better trigger response.
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