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Originally Posted by Issei View Post
ok for the details
i want ither gas or electric
for price im hoping to spend maybe 350 but thats with extra mag but if i go over its no biggy
not a big fan of m16 m4 anything like that
i like the ww2 guns

im really loooking for a brand and a type mac 11, mp7, uzi, scorpian, p90, pp19 ect
For your budget, you can forget about gas, so go electric. As to the list of guns, you've got a mix of machine pistols, PDW's and submachine guns. You need to decide which of those types you want to begin with. If this is to be a primary weapon I would advise against a machine pistol. PDW's are doable as primaries depending on the gun in question and the type of play area you have. A submachine gun would probably be best. I'll second the recommendation of the MP5.

For the record:


Machine Pistol:
*korpion (despite being listed as a submachine gun by it's manufacturers, and despite the token foldout stock, anyone with eyes can tell it's a machine pistol)

Submachine Gun:
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