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It really shouldn't be too hard to do in a garage workshop. I think you could take a piece of broomstick and drill a 0.5" hole about 1" deep in one end. Saw a slot in that end parallel to the drilling axis. Put a hose clamp on that end to clamp the stick to the grenade. Drill a deep 1/4" hole down the centre of the stick with an aircraft extension drill to house the trigger post in the handle. Cut it 1" shorter than the handle. Drill a 1/8" hole across the bottom end of the handle so you can shove a straight grenade pin crosswise to block the floating trigger post. Put some tape on the end of the handle to prevent the post from falling out or drill the hold blind to capture the post.

Voila! Steampunk german grenade handle.

Originally Posted by Forever_kaos View Post
Oh jeez, that's WAY beyond what I was thinking but does sound really awesome!
I was merely thinking of slapping the grenade up on there and being done with it heh, but now you've got me wondering.

I would buy one for sure if you ever got around to making the thing and I bet a few others would too.

Perhaps in the near future
Or at least one can surely hope!
Want nearly free GBB gas?

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