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Mason Relic - 2009
214 players attended, 1 super host, multilpe great admins, several vehicles, a historical site = OPERATION MASON RELIC, Claybank Saskatchewan.
Part 1: [Part
Part 2: [Part
part 3: [Part
part 4: [Part
part 5: [Part

These are pics taken by Gryphon from Winnipeg. Password {airsoft}

These are pics taken by Def3kt from Edmonton.

These are pics taken by Paranoid from Winnipeg.

These pics are from Beazer - Calgary


Bandit - Calgary
YouTube - Airsoft at Claybank brick plant - Part 1

Bandit - Calgary
YouTube - Airsoft at Claybank brick plant - Part 2

Maverick - Winnipeg
YouTube - Unofficial Claybank 2009 Footage

Mason Relic 2 - 2010
297 players attended, 1 great host, multiple on site retailers, more vehicles then previous year, explosions! Mayhem! Rain! Enjoyment and Pulse Pounding Excitement Everywhere!


These pictures are from beester - Oakbank


beester - Oakbank
now every one run and get blown up. video
FRAG OUT! video

Mason Relic 3 - 2011

No pictures or Video yet, but do you really want to miss out on your chance to be in them? Did not think so, head over to to sign up and register now!
Saskatchewan Age Verifier! Contact for more Info.

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