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First gun, debating G&G M16A3/AK47

Hey guys,

I'm new to ASC, looking to get into airsoft in the victoria/vancouver island area. I apologize if this is the wrong place to post this but I checked out the noob section and thought here would be appropriate. I've rounded my choices down to either the G&GM16A3 CAS or the G&GAK47 rec. Now I like the ak47 with the black grips as it looks like an Iranian made ak but I also love the M16A3 and its customizability. I've only ever participated in one milsim game back in Alberta but my tactics involve quiet infiltration behind opposition lines and mid-long range actions hence why I picked these long guns. Out of the two however I am stuck with the thought of which would be more durable and nicer looking. The AK looks nice but somehow the lower receiver doesnt feel as durable as the nylon fiber receiver of the m16. I also like how even though the m16 has nylon fiber grips, its durable and realistic looking but as for the grips on the AK, i'd like the opinion of someone who has ever had this gun? Does it look alright? How does it feel? My budget is max 350 which is why im restricted to these two and I do not want an m4. Any opinions? Thanks.
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