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Originally Posted by Alphaj1 View Post
Thanks Stalker. So aside from changing the spring, heavier BB's and playing around with the famous TM hop-up should give more range.

Sorry I made you type haha
At least I typed more useful hard to find stuff. New and not-so-new guys always assume the best way to get more range is to swap the spring, but there are better ways to look into before that.

As far as the hop up goes, getting into the TM MP5 one to change the rubber for a better one is about 3/4 of the way to opening the mechbox right up. It sucks, royally, compared to most other TM AEGs.

BTW, the only AEGs I've ever owned are two TM MP5s, and they both get equal field time (used to anyways, haven't played for over a year, but did a couple times per month for 6 years). So I've been inside them regularly, every 4-6 months at least for one thing or another (usually adding something in as opposed to having to replace something).
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