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260 with what weight BB's? seems like a stupid wuestion but just covering all bases here. Normally the Marui 226s shoot at 280-305 ish with 20s and propane at least with my stock ones.
260 is a bit low if on 20s. The issue can stem from your magazkne blowoff valve. That valve is unique because you can control how much gas you want to expel. It only has only ONE hole. If the valve is rotated, the hole can be obstructed or it can even be fully closed!!! Make sure the hole is fully open facing the magazine rubber?

Replacing your piston head wont really increase your FPS.
Although, it does help with gas efficiency.

If you want increased FPS, you'll need a hi-flow blowoff valve, a hi-flow floating valve, a good bucking, a strengthened hammer spring and a tightbore.

You'll also need to find a steel firing pin. It's one of the weak points on the 226 for every platform ( they're all based on one design ).

also, you'll need to uprate your takedown lever. Somewhere down the line, they break. Not really a concern in the short run but for the long.

Arbitrarily, a few spare loading muzzles couldnt hurt either should the gas pressure deteriorate what you have now. You could do an aluminum loading muzzle like me... baaawwsss...and it's my birthday.

If your terribly worried about your slide, shorten the stroke. You can make a makeshift spring buffer from stuff around the house. lol.

other than that, errthang should be good.
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