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TM P226 upgrades - stock frame

I am a GBB scrub, please be gentle.

So my plan is to be a SAW gunner for Nightfall IV, and since I no longer have an LMG that can use semi auto, indoors I'll be limited to my sidearm. Having shelved my original idea of getting a compact SMG, I decided to just pimp out my TM P226R. I want to keep the original body, since the light plastic slide gives all of the efficiency.

I want to bump the FPS as much as I can since it only shoots ~260 at the moment. I already changed the stock piston head to a PDI because when I got the gun stock, it couldn't even shoot off a whole mag with one gas charge.

I have a KJW threaded barrel on it, so my barrel could be a little bit longer. I was thinking about putting a PDI 6.01 112mm length barrel vs the stock 97mm in there since it shouldn't stick out any from the outer barrel.

My issue is when reading about FPS increasing upgrades, people warn about using the stock slide. Is there a part on the sig that is known to break? I want it to shoot as well as possible but it also needs to be reliable.

Or should I shelve it and grab a metal KJW 226 to do this with?
Or or, should I pimp out my WE G17 instead?
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