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I have one as well. Love the all metal build and the feel of it. The trigger has a lot of takeup or travel before you hit the sear. Then there is a bit of harder travel where you can feel the sear sliding on the hammer hooks. When it does break, it is very crisp, but that "squishy" part of the travel is not great. I will get around to doing a trigger job when I get time. That will probably mean that I will change the hammer and sear for stainless ones and tune it from there.
I also plan on putting an adjustable trigger ring from Airsoft Masterpiece on it. That way I can tune out the slack travel or takeup. The flat face trigger feels great, but does have some vertical play, not sure how to get rid of that yet.

I removed the SAI outer barrel and installed a Nine Ball outer barrel, PDI inner and Maple Leaf hop up. Love the looks with this outer barrel and it saves the SAI one from scratching. Would love to find a compensator for it but that is proving difficult.

I also suspect that I will replace the slide stop at some point too, the plunger is already making a mark on it.


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