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This whole thread made me laugh.

I would like to thank everyone for their opinions on the rules for Nightfall and what a Milsim is to them, they are appreciated

Here in Ontario when I hear Milsim I think of games that are generally 18+ hours, but that's just me.

We use the "Airsoft Conducive" outlook on things to keep it both Military oriented but also fun and exciting.

Sure you can sit around for 10 hours and not do anything, but honestly would you rather not fire a round or shoot some plastic with your friends at some friends and have a fucking good time doing it?

Everyone's interpretation of MILSIM is different and asking the question any more is pretty much pointless as it starts page after page of he said she said. Plenty of reading material already on it.

A GBBR Milsim only. Sounds great. Please try and host one and let me know how it goes. I am sure it would be epic.

Why waste manpower and countless hours of everyone's lives inspecting mags to make sure they put in 30 rounds? If you want to do that at YOUR game, please do. We have other ammo rules in effect.

Can you carry as many mags as you want at Nightfall? You sure fukin can. Will you make the entire 18 hours carrying 30 mid caps strapped to you? Probably not. Balance is needed and we have tried to implement that by not allowing people to reload on the field or at their vehicle, as well as the semi/support gunner alternatives. We feel that it works quite well. It appeases the masses and the few will basically just have to deal with it or not attend :/

We have 25+ staff at Nightfall. We are always present on the field and deal with things as quickly as possible before they arise. When you put in rules that are impossible to enforce it only causes problems, which is something we try and avoid to make things run smoother.

This game, call it Milsim, or not, was designed for the players, by players. And you know what really sucks come June 14th/15th, I can't play in it...
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