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The beast is back! 56k murder death kill!

I don't often get to work on my arsenal anymore as I'm usually pretty busy working on various products. At the end of a long day of working out products, I don't really feel like diving back into product design for personal airsoft armaments.

Just over a year ago, I fielded a shell ejecting Maruzen 870 which I significantly upgraded with internal CO2 and a lot of valve re-porting. A lot of the stock gas passages are pretty chokey small so I went about enlarging them.

I eventually managed to get the gun to fire 10x 0.25g bbs per blast at 270fps. Finally I was satisfied that I had a battle worthy shotgun. Alas, the flame that blasts the loudest also develops creaking wheezing leaks and fatigued parts. The pot metal valve body wasn't designed for 260psi so it cracked. The mozzerella metal shell carrier also cracked (nearly every 870 eventually dies of this).

Just before this shotty died, it had the following:

-Internal C02 feed from custom welded and hydrotested tanks (about 180 pumps of gas per cylinder)
-Extended magazine tube (6+1 capacity)
-Supah ghetto cardboard shell catcher duct taped to the ejection port
-Velcro affixed 5 shell carrier on the stock

I finally took a day off professional product design to ressurect this bag of parts and add a few new goodies. I've added:

-Aluminum scope rail
-Clip on KM shotshell catcher (customized shotshell catcher which clips to the scope rail with dome snaps)
-Guarder open RDS
-Guarder 10x shell holding stock pouch

I hope it lasts longer this time...
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