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Before anyone goes and gets themselves into something their not ready for...realize MSW events are 40hrs long AND you are humping your shit in with you...real cap as well. Say what you want about Blacksheep and his personal contriversies of late, but the game is challenging at 24 hrs. If any of you have ever attended them before than you will know how you feel after pushing through and reaching that 24hrs mark....but then add an additional 16hrs on to that....then you're into MSW territory.

That said, these big, long form games are not so tough to participate in. After all...this sport is about enjoying yourself as much as anything else. Crossing the border is not at all complicated or scary. Customs officials on both sides are more than ok with everything provided you follow the rules and regs. Shit....every single time I have come back from a US game the CBSA official at the border has always asked us if we won. So dont let the border crossing thing put you off. Anyone says otherwise, they are either full of shit or dont know what they are talking about..... (err...kinda the same thing...but you get the point). Commitment to having an awesome time is key however. Get your team together, get your gear and docs in order and get down there!

Just one thing.....IF any of you DO go down to US games remember this: Canadian Players have a solid reputation down south, and for good reason. You WILL be carrying that reputation on your shoulders when attending any US games. Screw that up and and you're screwing it up for all of us.

Never been harassed at the Border...USA Customs was the only group that wanted to see my guns that was in 2011.

Canadian Customs has been cool...2012 they were articulate in questioning about what I did while I was down there but when he saw or Y 38's and Vir receipt for perfume we were on our way home.
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