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Well Said

Couldn't be stated better PWOR and SANDMAN. I have been on over 10 MILSIM's south of the border...all challenging even the one that I thought was a clusterfuck but we as a Team persevered and had PWOR said MILSIM is a state of mind.

Milsim West is an OP I want our TEAM TO GO AS A WHOLE TEAM. 40 hours OP with a constant Tactical Awareness Scenario (changing through out the battle). This is a challenge that I endeavour, would love to go down with Dobby in June on this one but its time off work which is the problem....again MILSIM is a state of mind, with that being said I went a 30 hour OP 3 years ago and it ended of being a flop but in the end we all had fun.

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