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I received a request from the OP to delete this post. Having read it....I think not.

Lesson 1: ASC is a community, surrounding a face-to-face sport that requires honesty, integrity and acceptance by your peers to participate. Dropping in and pissing in the pool with a attitude like this is a surefire way to guarantee the only games you play are by yourself, in your basement.

Lesson 2: If at any time you do something so hideously stupid and embarassing that it cannot be rectified by a simple, meaningful apology and a subsequent directional adjustment to attitude, do not expect the staff here to cover up your fuckery in an effort to erase your mistake from the community conciousness.

Lesson 3: Asking to have your mistakes buried is likely to have the opposite effect. This post has now been stickied as a "how not to ask questions on ASC" thread.