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Originally Posted by MultipleParadox View Post
Is it me or the amount of tolerance on that thread is unusually high (as per ASC's standards, newb section and all factored in) considering the amount of derp there is here? Anyways

Issei: This whole thread could have been simplified with simply this:

Easy enough isn't it?

Seriously, I think you've have an ass attitude there and I wish I would have nothing better to do than explain you a few things about life but... hell, I'm off doing something useless instead, it might b more worth my time
with all due respect, his questions were mostly answered in his other thread when he revealed his budget and his preference for an smg... it will likely not end well given his budget.

He'll have enough for the gun, goggles and mags... but not have enough for gear to carry the mags if he's going for anything outside of an m4 or AK where there are lots of preconfiged vests/rigs a newer player can start with. After a year you wear that out and then you replace it with something nicer.

Unless you add another 50% to your budget, something that's not an m4 is not going to work. Since most vests to carry mags have to be blank molle which the vest by itself can cost as much as a vest/rig that has m4 or ak pouches built onto it. Then you start adding pouches for whatever gun that isn't an m4 or ak needs, at 20-30$ per single or double... the gear by itself can easily cost as much if not more than a gun.

It honestly sounds like he's fishing for an answer he wants to hear. If you can't afford it, don't buy a shittier gun to accommodate your budget. You're already at the bottom of the barrel in terms of what you can buy for what you said you can afford at the moment.
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