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I have to agree ^ with most. A pair of cargos and a golf shirt or button up shirt with a $25 chest rig and you can pull off a good contractor loadout. Except for the chest rig most people already own these things.

My best advice to a beginner is to get a good reliable gun, quality eye pro, a good battery and programable smart charger. Don't cheep out on these things even if it means blowing your whole budget on them. You're looking at probably $450 ish to get a good starter package if you make smart purchases. IMO you should hold off on buying gear and BDU's for a while because you might end up realizing what you got doesn't fit your play style. Or if you want to join a team they probably won't wear the camo you have so you'll have to buy everything twice.

But what you should really do before you buy anything is go out and try to rent for a game or two until you get a better picture of what will suit you best. I played my first few games in Carhart work pants and a collared shirt with a rented MP44. I stuck out like a sore thumb but it saved me a bunch of dough.
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