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Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
BDUs: $60-$100. If you're spending more than $100 on BDUs you're looking in the wrong place.
Hydration Solution: $30-$60. REQUIRED.
I'm calling these optional. There are ways to get playing wearing street clothes, some games lump in solid colors into certain teams green/light vs tan/dark etc... you don't NEED bdus to get playing at the basic levels.... neither do you need a specific hydration solution.

I have played maybe 15 games since I started last july, and maybe 3 of them I was wearing actual camo. The rest I had street clothes that met green vs tan requirements... solid green/black/tan that were fit into the rules of the game, both skirmish and milsim.

You can hit the field with a backback and water bottles or a murse and water bottles... anything to carry a water bottle. Most people have at least a backpack kicking around.

Sure, a gun with 1 highcap is not ideal, but it's DOABLE and absolute minimum investment. Even if he gets more mags, there are solutions he can repurpose from around the house to carry those mags... cargo pants pockets, regular pockets, that bag he's using to carry water. Again, not ideal, but doable.

You won't look tacticool, but you can be in the game with that. And for someone who just wants to try beyond a rental, I think that's a good start.

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