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Our trademark laws are a bit different here. I remember having read some stuff on it years ago, but I don't really remember the specifics.

But I believe here it's only illegal is you try to pass off a fake as something else. So having, say, an Aimpoint replica with full trademarks isn't illegal as long as it's being correctly represented as a replica item. Passing it off and selling it as the real thing is illegal. I could be mistaken on details here though.

But in terms of airsoft, our law states that if something is manufactured to resemble an existing firearm with "precision or near precision" and cannot do severe bodily harm (now shooting under 366 fps), it's considered a replica, which is illegal to transfer, but not illegal to own. So whether Gun X has trademarks or not is irrelevant. It's made to look like an existing firearm, trademarks or not.

And personally, the lack of trademarks doesn't bother me. But "airsoft trades" bother me. I hate KWA's trademarks. I hate all these 6mm and warning markings now silkscreened on receivers, etc. I want my gun to either have authentic trades, or none at all.
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