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There are Russian manufacturers of Russian specific airsoft guns and items. How importation would work I have not a clue but my experience of communicating with the Russian shops has been positive and I would recommend at least communicating with them if for anything, technical specs and a friendly hello. I do believe some are converted real steel. I found this for a quick reference but there are others and the quality of items (from what I've seen) is passionate and made with pride.

P.S. If anyone is out there who has knowledge of who is now making the D Boys GP25/GP30 can you please give them a nudge and say hey we need a new production run? Many people want them.

I feel you on the frustration of nobody, anywhere having an item (such as no G&P AK74 magazines or Lancer Mags, the rarity of E&L mags, you know, consumer option stuff) but patience is a virtue and things always surface when least expected. but stilll, someone please make the damn launchers already
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