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Originally Posted by Basic-Wedge View Post
I could see that being the case.

That folding/collapsible stock on the AK5C looks like it must be expensive to manufacture - certainly when compared to something simpler, like the injection molded IdZ stock planned for future G36s. The Aimpoint scope probably accounts for a good chunk of change too. Any parts specific to the AK5 would have to carry a higher price tag, given the limited production numbers.

BTW, I have seen photos of Swedish SSG operators using various models of the G36, and I understand all Swedish troops get familiarization training with M16s and AK-74s.
Yes, I've seen the G36 stock, it looks... Weird I suppose the best description for it would be. I have also seen the SSG photos. I also have a German loadout with a G36A2:

When I start seeing Germans in the field with the new stock and things as standard, I'll change my G36 accordingly...

I don't know the specifics, but I have seen the Swedish on exercise abroad carrying AKs, the Finnish RK95 and the M4 when they go out with the Americans.

Yeah, the parts would probably be rather expensive, the civilian price for the Aimpoint is between $400 to $600...

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