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It doesn't help matters that the AK5 is such a fluid design - constantly evolving. That's no surprise given the Swedish Forsvarsmakten has no previous combat experience, and are just learning in Afghanistan what works and what doesn't.
I don't think the AK5 will have another major overhaul, it has been in service since 1984 so I think when the FvM need a weapon overhaul, they'll probably switch guns to something completely different. But, considering the AK5C has only been issued since 2006-07, they're gonna squeeze as much use out of it as possible, so I don't see it disappearing anytime soon...

I think the AK5C will probably be in service, until about 2020, the MARKUS (Future Infantry Program, similar to IdZ and Future Force Warrior) soldier of 2015 is depicted with an AK5C...

I read somewhere that it cost the Swedish military more to upgrade the AK5 to C standard than it would be to completely switch to the G36, I'm not sure how true this is though...

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