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Also, you obviously didn't read any of the responses in your other thread. If you aren't going to take advice, don't bother posting.

Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
Here's an idea of the breakdown to get into airsoft:

These things are mandatory:

Decent starter AEG: $300
Ammo: $15 (2,000 rounds, should last 2-3 games depending on how much you shoot)
Eye Protection: $60-$100+. DO. NOT. CHEAP. OUT. HERE.
Footwear: $80-$120+. DO. NOT. CHEAP. OUT. HERE.
BDUs: $60-$100. If you're spending more than $100 on BDUs you're looking in the wrong place.
Hydration Solution: $30-$60. REQUIRED.
Good battery charger: $60. A cheap wall adapter is NOT a good charger.
Extra batteries: $30-$60. Always have at least one extra.

These things are optional, and not required for your first few games:

Tacvest: $80-$400+. You can get cheap vests, but they suck. IMO be prepared to spend at least $200 on a rig if you're buying new.
Pouches: $20-$40 each. Some vests come with pouches, some don't.
Magazines: $15-$60 each, depending on your gun. Hicaps suck. Be a man and get some standard or lowcaps. Enough for 300-600 rounds.
Knee Pads: $30. I actually played 6 years without them. Now that I have them, I have no idea how I did it.
Tacticool gun accessories: $0 - $100 billion dollars. You can trick your gun out with everything or nothing, completely optional here.

So basically, based on my simple list above:


$605 to $815

plus OPTIONAL costs:

$750 to $1,495 (I used $150 for tacticool).

So you're looking at anywhere from ~$600 to well over $1,000 to get started. These costs are COMPLETELY realistic, I'm not bullshitting you. Depending on what you can beg/borrow/steal/haggle you might be able to do it for $500-ish, but I think $600 is a more realistic number.

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