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So far as I have noticed, adding o rings to compress the spring does have some effect. With the hop up unit fully tightened, the slide will not slide forward all the way, because the nozzle is getting stuck in the bucking. With 6 o rings on, the slide comes forward all the way (the nozzle comes fully into the bucking).

With the hop up unit a little loose though, the slide comes forward all the way, hence the nozzle slides easily into the bucking. I don't have the plastic anymore. When I get my reaps, Ill try modifying my bucking so that it is a bit thinner on the inside, so the nozzle can slide into it, but I will have to be aware of a possible air leak. I just ordered a chrono, xcortech btw.

My bbh has a little of up and down wiggle room. It seems like the sides have worn down. The screw for the rear sight gets loose after a few racks of the slide, and the bbh can move up and down. I added tape to both sides, and it fixed most of the up down movement, but the screw still gets loose.

Should the bbh have no movement and be tight in the slide?

On the website, it says that the kit costs 0.00. When I search anything up, it says the item cost is 0.00.

Buy standard issue marui bbh, you mean the one that comes with the marui 17? Where can I buy one? And what nozzle would you say to get? Along with the nineball piston head.

I also polished my slide catch and my recoil spring to a nice finish. Is the guarder metal slide catch made up of material / paint that can be stripped and polished? the metal looks different.

Also, my hfc "speed trigger" works, I glued a piece of straw to it and sanded it down so that there is just enough room for it to reset.

And yes, my trigger bar is brand spanking new.

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