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I still have not gotten my reaps bucking.

The performances on the glock have become even worse. Mostly due to the fall temperatures but the friction from the hammer assembly and the bbu is A LOT!!! Even with 5 o rings on the spring guide to compress the spring, there is so much friction.

I suspect the hammer notch or sear is worn down and therefore the bearing is sitting too high. I took it apart and what do you know, the hammer notch has some wear on it, I would say .1-.2mm of wear.

I also noticed that the hammer spring was sort of bent.

I just saw that gunsmodify released the version3 zero hammer, I think I am going to get it and try my luck.

The back of my bbh is starting to break, it already has a crack.
Would a aip bbh fit? Then I would get a nineball piston head and a aip nozzle.

My screws on my hop up unit are starting to strip, do you know where I can get a set? Also, my loading nozzle only comes fully into the nozzle and the slide only comes fully forward when the hop up unit is not fully tightened.

I will probably end up r hoping it.
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