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Originally Posted by Rosco38 View Post
Hmm. How often must it go back to Tack? As I said before pricing is similar so my main concern here is external quality and just Overall mantiance.
Never. We have PTW techs in this country.
You can ship your hop chamber to me to do the hop mod
maintenance is RIDICULOUSLY easy to do on a ptw. Just clean the barrel and regrease the cylinder once a year with the correct grease (tamiya ceramic grease seems to work).
IF the motor dies, just get a new 490.

Bolt catch is really reliable with the magnetic stop. Before those, most people would just stretch the mag release spring so it required more force to engage. The issue was bumping it and having it stay on even though the mag wasn't empty.

Mags are tweaky. If you get upgraded springs, running one systema and one upgraded spring seems to do the trick.

The PTW is easier to make shoot awesome, swap cylinders, do maintenance.
Their major failing is that systema LOATHES airsofters and thus hasn't made any innovations on the platform since 2008, because they don't see airsoft guns as competition.
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