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nope, it sure doesn't. Both my dubs have several seasons on their motors and never had an issue. Once tack'd they should be good. Do you know which motor is in the dub you're looking at?

Stick to Systema brand parts, get the motor tack'd and the hop-up mod done. You'll be playing for years without issue. The internals are extremely well built, not alot of issues with them. Biggest thing would be a cylinder becoming loose after alot of use.

For lube, same as a normal AEG, the mechbox and cylinder. I strip down the cylinders once in awhile, do a quick inspection and lube. Mechbox is a once ever few seasons affair. I haven't touched the internals of mine in a couple seasons, but would have no issue picking it up and playing a 24hr game without a though on the gun going down.
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