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PTW 100%. once tack'd you don't need to worry about it. I have two, the first one had a tack'd motor put in it 2009, hundreds of thousands of bb's since then, opened it a couple seasons back for a checkup, just needed lube. The other is newer but same deal, no issues. They work, I don't need to strip them down every month to fix them. I don't play as much as I once did, but they require little maintenance, a wipe down and the occasional re-lube.

Run good ammo and you won't have feeding issues. I've never had issues with my bolt stops other than occasionally catching it on gear but not a big deal. Still worth the price imo, been running dubs for 11 years, only ever had one fail, and that was my fault for playing in a 12 hour downpour (Claybank 2) not many guns survived that day.
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